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A new generation of CNC computer SP6
Auther: Pubdate:2020-07-31

A new generation of CNC computer SP6 for engraving and cutting
machines was launched

The CNC computer is an embedded CNC computer independently developed and produced by
Chengdu Xinhesheng Technology Co., Ltd., with a built-in MACH3 system, which can be used
for various engraving machines.
 Application areas such as cutting machines.
(Windows serial number and Mach3 License can be purchased from its official channels.)

 SP6 product advantages:
Industrial grade computer configuration
Support VGA interface
Support 6 USB ports
Pre-installed WIN8 embedded, directly plugging in the power supply does not affect
Hard disk memory 32G
Input IO port: 24
Output IO port: 16
Support single card configuration or dual card configuration at will
Freely select the display size