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USB Wireless MPG-PHB04B
Auther: Pubdate:2020-07-31


        PHB04B has 2 series:
           1、 PHB04B-4:support 4 axis with x,y,z,a
           2、 PHB04B-6:support 6 axis with x,y,z,a,b,c

      Based on Windows system, provide the DLL library file for customer for 2 times development, any numerical control system suitable for all customers.

2、Application overview


3、Product overview and Key feature



4、General Characteristics

Parameter Description
Frequency bands ISM,433MHZ
Supply voltage 2 AA batteries
Wireless transmission distance/td> 40 meter
MPG Encoder 100PPR
Function Key 13 Keys
RF TX power 10DB
Receiver sensitivity -98DB
Maximum axis 6 axis
LCD 128*68 Dot LCD with background
Material ABS、PC、aluminium



PHB04B Wireless MPG 1个               
Handle 1piece
USB receiver 1piece
Driver disk 1 disk
Guarantee CARD 1 paper
Package box size 220*168*60mm
Weight 0.6KG