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CNC Mach3 motion control card MKSX-V
Auther: Pubdate:2018-12-18


     MKSX-V has 2 series:
        1. MKS3-V:3 axis motion card.
        2. MKS4-V:4 axis motion card.
     works with Mach3 CNC system under all windows platform.

2、Application overview

3、Product overview


4、Signal connection

5、Key feature

1. Support power-off resume function.
2.Fully supporting all Mach3 versions
3.Support 1.5 meters USB cable 
4.Supports Up 4-axis
5.Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000KHz
6.Status indicator LED can be useful to show the USB connection, and working status by flashing.
7.8 general-purpose input,4 output
8.all IO-port isolation, interference, stable performance
9.Full support for USB hot-swappable, the card is Monitoring USB connection status at any time.

6、General Characteristics

Parameter Description


Axis drive control:


 Isolated oc output  Voltage:5V,maximum load :20A
 type STEP/DIR
 Maximum Step frequency  2000KHZ
 Number of support axis MKS3-V:3 axis 
MKS4-V:4 axis
Spindle control  Analog output voltage  0-10V
 Digital PWM output  5V,1KHZ,fill factor:%1-100%
 STEP/DIR Minimum frequncy:15Hz
Maximum frequncy:4KHz
4 digital output  Maxmimum load of output line  50mA
 Maxmimum voltage on out line  25V
8 digital input Maxmimum load of input line  5mA
maximum voltage on input line  25V
communication method USB 2.0


MKSX-V motion card

1 piece

USB cable 1 piece
Driver disk 1 disk
MACH3 trouble shooting 1 book
MACH3 config and driver installation 1 book
MKSX –V user Manual 1 book
Package box size