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NC studio wireless handwheel application scheme
Auther: Pubdate:2020-07-31

Background analysis

With the development of the machine tool industry, the CNC industry has gradually emerged, and has become popular with its unique advantages. However, the popularity of CNC systems also limits users to control the machine tool at the console, and cannot fine-tune while observing the machine's movements. It cannot be accurately positioned remotely, and the emergency stop button is fixed on the operating table, which limits the range of activities of the operator to a certain extent.
demand analysis:
1. Customers who use the Weihong system can remotely guide the machine tool manually, accurately position and move, and emergency stop operations.
2. The control distance is not limited by the length of the cable connection.
3. Use multiple sets of equipment in the same room without interference.
The wireless electronic handwheel is used in conjunction with the Weihong control system to realize remote control, allowing remote tool setting without affecting accuracy; the wireless electronic handwheel buttons are convenient for operation.
Program features
Feature 1: WHB03B wireless transmission distance is up to 40 meters without barriers. The distance is far enough.
Feature 3: Using USB communication technology, the connection is simple and convenient.
Feature 2: Using frequency hopping technology, strong anti-interference ability, and the remote control can work stably.
Feature 3: Low power consumption, 2 AA batteries can be used continuously for at least 1 month.