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industry solutionsbackground analysis WHB04B
Auther: Pubdate:2020-07-31

Chengdu xinhecheng industry solutionsbackground analysis

MACH3 system is a control system for CNC machine tools. There are a large number of users in the market.
Generally, the handwheels equipped with this system are basically
They are all wired handwheels, and there are many problems in their use.
When used in the workshop, the cable is not long enough, which is very inconvenient to use.
There are a lot of equipment wires in the workshop, which are easy to twist together,
which is troublesome and difficult to organize. The wires are also prone to damage
and control abnormalities. The line is easily contaminated with oil, etc.
It is easy to contaminate staff and other equipment during use. The
line is easy to damage and cause problems with the handwheel.
demand analysis
1. There is no cable for the controller, no need to worry about twisting the
wires together and getting oily.
2. The control distance must be long enough to remotely control the machine tool
3. The control signal should be stable.
The wireless remote control handwheel produced by Chengdu Xinhecheng
Technology Wire Co., Ltd. can solve this problem.
Use a wireless remote control instead of a wired one.
The handheld terminal and the receiver are connected by wireless
transmission technology. No cables are connected.
The display screen is connected to the system to display coordinates in real time.

Type  Model  Features
MACH3 remote control WHB04B Using wireless communication technology to solve many inconveniences of wired remote control