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enhanced type wireless MPG - ATWGP
Auther: Pubdate:2020-07-31


They could be used in Germen (SIEMENS)、Japanese(MITSUBISHI)、France(FANUC)、Spain(FAGOR)、France NUM、Taiwan LNC、SYNTEC CNC system.

2、Application circut

3、Product Overview


4、Key feature

1 .Auto Frequency Hopping When Noise. 
Frequency band:433Mhz,ISM ,the output power up to10DB,High receiver sensitivity -98DB.
32 hopping channels,the channel frequency gap is 1Mhz.
the transmission is encrypted, auto build communication network and pair. auto hopping when noise.
32 sets of wireless MPG could be used at the same time in one room. 
2 Axis/Step band switch 
To choose X/Y/Z/4/5/6 axis or close all axis by axis switch,to choose jog step by step switch.
3 Reliable and Stable Performance
Low power feature,the life is longer than 2 months with 2 AA batteries 
The wheel gear of aluminium MPG is clear,the position is accurate
The ABS MPG is anti-impact and heat-resistant.
4 enable key
the enable key is used to enable the mpg for safety.
5 Estop Function
To improve work effiency and assure safety.

5、General Characteristics

Parameter Description
Frequency bands ISM,433MZH
Supply voltage 2 AA batteries
Wireless transmission distance 40 meter
MPG Encoder 100PPR
Function Key 5 keys
Output power 10DB
Receiver sensitivity -98DB
Maximum axis 6 axis
Material ABS、PC、 Aluminium


ATWGP Wireless MPG 1 piece
Handle 1 piece
Wireless receiver 1 piece
Wiring row 2 piece
hook 1 piece
Receiver antenna 1 piece
ATWGP manual 1 book
Package box size 235*225*85mm
Weight 0.9kg