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enhanced type wireless MPG-STWGP
Auther: Pubdate:2020-07-31

XHC newest stable used for FANUC system 100PPR manual rotary encoder

Product Description




Specification and Parameters
Standard control axis quantity Max Support 6 Axis
Max Support 6 Axis ISM 433MHZ
Wireless Communication Distance 50meters without Barrier,20meters wall through
 Encoder Type  100PPR Encoder(Pulse per Round)
 Pulse signal Voltage  Support 5V;12V;24V
 Pulse Signal Type  A.B phase differential is 90°,2 line pulse output; A. A-. B.B- phase differential output
 Axis Selector signal output  Peer to peer, Binary coding
 Speed Signal Output  Peer to peer; Binary coding; Pulse
 Extended Function  Support 3pcs extended buttons
 Working Voltage  2pcs AA Battery,DC3V
 Safety Function  Estop Button;Speed protection button(EnableButton)


Cable No Function Cable No Function
EST E-stop button  +(K1) Forward/self define key
K3 Enable output  -(K2) Reverse/self define key
A+ Pulse A+ ~(K4) Continue/self define key
A- Pulse A- COM Axis Rate common
B+ Pulse B+ X X axis
B- Pulse B- Y Y axis
DC 0V Power - Z Z axis
DC 5V  Power + 4 4 axis
X 100 Speed X 100 5 5 axis
X 10 Speed X 10 6 6 axis
X 1 Speed X 1