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Programmable motion control card- PMKX-V
Auther: Pubdate:2018-12-18


    PMKX-V has 3 series:
1. PMK3-V:3 axis motion card.
2. PMK4-V:4 axis motion card.
3. PMK6-V:6 axis motion card.
works with all windows platform

2、Product overview

3、Control card DLL library description


Frontier: A block diagram of the control system


Control system, through the DLL library files, and control card communication

Control system, through the DLL library files, and control card to communicate.
Control system, mainly for a variety of motion control algorithm calculation (straight line, arc, irregular curve interpolation), G code analysis, small line forward algorithm.
XHC-MKX.DLL:By the control card to provide the DLL, the control system, by calling XHC-MKX.DLL library function, you can download data to the control card. The system initiates data from the control card.

4、Key feature
1.Using USB cable and computer communication, USB communication standard: USB2.0
2.The control card supports 6-axis linkage
3.Control card output pulse uniform, the maximum pulse frequency 2MHZ
4.The control card supports 16 input IO ports, all input ports, active low
5.The control card supports eight output ports, the output port open output.
6.The control card supports the inverter interface, supports analog 0-10V output, or 0-5V output.
7.The control card supports PWM output, PWM frequency 2KHZ
8.EMI design, stable and reliable, to avoid the work of the inverter, affecting USB communication instability.
9.Control card support soft limit, hard limit, the origin switch, support the knife signal, emergency stop signal control.
10.The control card provides WINDOWS standard DLL library function, provides API program interface, provides customers to develop 2 times.



Parameter Description


Axis drive control:


 Isolated oc output  Voltage:5V,maximum load :20A
 type STEP/DIR
 Maximum Step frequency  2000KHZ
 Number of support axis PMK3-V:3 axis 
PMK4-V:4 axis
PMK6-V:6 axis
Spindle control  Analog output voltage  0-10V
 Digital PWM output  5V,1KHZ,fill factor:0-100%
 STEP/DIR Minimum frequncy:15Hz
Maximum frequncy:4KHz
8 digital output  Maxmimum load of output line  50mA
 Maxmimum voltage on out line  25V
16 digital input Maxmimum load of input line  5mA
maximum voltage on input line  25V
 PC connection  Standard USB2.0


PMKX-V motion card

1 piece

Use wire 1 piece
PMKX CD 1 piece
Package box size 275*144*42mm
weigtht 0.7KG