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wireless MPG-F10
Auther: Pubdate:2017-12-14

They could be used in Germen (SIEMENS)、Japanese(MITSUBISHI)、France(FANUC)、Spain(FAGOR)、France NUM、Taiwan LNC、SYNTEC CNC system.

2、Application circut

3、Product Overview

4、Key feature


1 Support five point touch number automatically find the positive, can calculate,the workpiece offset angle, calculate the workpiece center point coordinates
2 Support save and return to the coordinates of the center point of workpiece
3 Support the button control shaft moving fast,Automatic go to ½ coordinate
4 Wireless ISM frequency band, 433 MHZ,10DB Transmit power, -98DB Receiver ,sensitivity, interference free within 50m
5 Anti-interference design, stable and reliable, up to 32 sets of wireless remote,control MPG in use simitaneously
6 Low-power design, 2 AA batteries lasting 30 days in normal operation,Having a shaft selection function, magnification selection function
7 With LCD display cleared, in function, LCD can display X, Y, Z, 4,5,6 axis coordinate value increment
8 The alloy is stable and reliable, the performance of the encoder, feel good, clear teeth


5、General Characteristics

Parameter Description
Frequency bands ISM,433MHZ
Supply voltage 2 AA batteries
Wireless transmission distance 40 meter
MPG Encoder 100PPR
Function Key 11 Keys
Output power 10DB
Receiver sensitivity -98DB
Maximum axis 5axis
LCD 128*68 dot,with background light
Material ABS、PC、 Aluminium

、 6、Attachments

CWGP0X-F10 Wireless MPG 1 piece                                     
Handle 1 piece
Wireless receiver 1 piece
CWGP0X-F10 manual 1 book
Package box size 235*225*85mm
Weight 0.9kg