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Normal wireless handwheel -K11
Auther: Pubdate:2020-07-31

They could be used in Germen (SIEMENS)、Japanese(MITSUBISHI)、France(FANUC)、Spain(FAGOR)、France NUM、Taiwan LNC、SYNTEC CNC system.

2、Application circut

3、Product Overview

4、Key feature


1.Support 11 custom button output, the corresponding receiver 11 photoMOS relay output
2.Support LCD display coordinates clear.
3.Wireless ISM frequency band, 433 MHZ,10DB Transmit power, -98DB Receiver sensitivity, interference free within 50m
4.Anti-interference design, stable and reliable, up to 32 sets of wireless remote control MPG in use simitaneously
5.Low-power design, 2 AA batteries lasting 30 days in normal operation Having a shaft selection function, magnification selection function
6.With LCD display cleared, in function, LCD can display X, Y, Z, 4,5,6 axis coordinate value increment
7.The alloy is stable and reliable, the performance of the encoder, feel good, clear teeth

5、General Characteristic

Parameter Description
Frequency bands ISM,433MHZ
Frequency bands 2 AA batteries
Wireless transmission distance 40 meter
MPG Encoder 100PPR
Output power 10DB
Receiver sensitivity -98DB
Maximum axis 6 axis
Material ABS、PC、 aluminium



CWGP-K11 Wireless MPG 1piece
Handle 1 piece
Wireless Receiver 1 piece
Hook 1 piece
CWGP-K11 Manual 1 book
Package box size 265*135*78mm
Weight 0.87kg