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Minister of agriculture, the Indian Ambassador double point
Auther: Pubdate:2016-12-27

On May 6, India visited the Ministry of Agriculture Minister and head of the China delegation of agriculture visiting Han changfu, accompanied by Le Yucheng, Ambassador in India, and India Agriculture Minister Singh, Thailand, and New Zealand, and Australia and other envoys of seven Nations amounts to more than 60 people, attended the luncheon meeting of the Sino-Indian cooperation in agriculture, India Company, as the sole representative of Chinese enterprises in the printing was invited to attend and speak.

At the meeting, Minister Han changfu spoke, said both China and India are important agricultural country in the world to carry out agricultural cooperation, including natural geographical advantages, and have common interests, similarities and complementarity and cooperation fields, broad prospects for cooperation. In his speech, Minister of South Korea suggested Chinese enterprises face "along the way" East wind, West India for investment and business, health cooperation and contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture in China and India.

India company representative Li spoke at the meeting, introduced the Group's history, achievements and experience and experience of companies investing in India. Li said that living things have a positive action to, through country "along the way" policy guidance, and gradually increase the investment scale and business scope. Which focuses on India Company was founded four years ago in the local agricultural industry structure adjustment and peasants played an active role. Li gang said the creature is "national agricultural industrialization leading" and "pioneer Sino-Indian cooperation in agriculture" bio India companies are Sino-Indian cooperation of mutual benefit and win-win model of agriculture.

In Exchange, Minister Han changfu also learn more about the India Company business development in recent years, India fully affirmed the results achieved development of the company. Ambassador Le Yucheng learned company Marigold planting, lutein extraction and embedding technology mature, recommend you try the yellow capsule products, praise the company yellow capsule in relieving eye strain, the protection of Visual special effect.