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Core Synthesis Technology

Focus on wireless transmission and motion control for 20 years

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Wixhc is the world leader in wireless transmission and CNC motion control

We provide customers with CNC machine tools、Carpentry、Stone、metal、High-tech in processing industries such as glass、low cost、high performance、Safe product、Solutions and services。

Innovative R&D team

The company's development strategy is clear,Product Innovation,Efficient business model,Diversified team culture,Formed a complete set of innovation systems and mechanisms,Have an innovative R&D team and strong R&D strength,Provide a strong guarantee for CNC solutions and products。

Ensure solutions and products are right for you

Our products are fast、Lean、Focus on the market。

We are in more than 40 countries around the world、150Typical applications have been accumulated in multiple industries and tens of thousands of customers。According to the actual needs of customers and application feedback,Continuously optimize and improve products,To meet your needs。We can customize solutions and products according to your needs。

On demand、Cross-system、Pan users

Everything starts from your actual application。

The company insists on integrating core patent technology,The concept of achieving a new life! Gather the most core technology,Applied to solutions and products,Unremitting efforts for the good life of ecological partners and employees。

Wixhc core synthesis technology is committed to becoming the world's largest CNC company,Make it the most trusted company in the world。

Help your business go to the next level

Where is motion control,Where is the Wixhc core synthesis technology products。We have gradually become one of the most influential brands in the field of CNC,Continuously create maximum value for customers and investors,Go hand in hand,Develop together,Make progress together。Convergence core technology,Applied to products;Unremitting efforts for the good life of our customers and employees。

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Synthetic Technology News

In recent years,The company has continuously obtained a number of patented core technologies。We are in user feedback、Applications、New breakthroughs have been made in technological innovation,Is striding towards higher and further goals。

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March 4th, 2022|company news|

2022year,【About Core Synthesis】,【About Core Synthesis】,【About Core Synthesis】、The production address was officially relocated to Chengdu Medical City Science and Technology Enterprise Port - Liandong U Valley Industrial Park,【About Core Synthesis】、【About Core Synthesis】,【About Core Synthesis】。 【About Core Synthesis】,March 4th、March 4th,【About Core Synthesis】,【About Core Synthesis】,Focus on wireless data transmission and motion control research,Dedicated to industrial remote control、Wireless electronic handwheel、CNC remote control、Motion control card、Integrated CNC system and other fields。We are in the CNC machine tool industry、Carpentry、Stone、metal、Glass and other processing industries provide customers with core technology competitiveness、low cost、high performance、Safe and reliable products、Solutions and services,Open cooperation with ecological partners,Continue to create value for customers,Unleash wireless potential。 March 4th > > > >

Chengdu Xinhesheng Technology unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition

May 11th, 2021|company news|

Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition (CME) is the most famous in China、One of the most influential machine tool exhibitions。Sponsored by the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce。Focus on metal cutting machine tools、Metal forming machine、Work and cutting tools、Machine tool accessories、Smart factories and other world-renowned brand products and cutting-edge technologies,It is an international window for the development level and cutting-edge information of the global equipment manufacturing industry,It is also a trading platform for centralized procurement of the latest technology products of machine tool equipment in East China and the whole country。 Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition CME last exhibition with a total area of ​​130,000 square meters,1500 exhibiting companies,The number of exhibitors reached 130,000。Shanghai Machine Tool Show CME brings a new lineup and scale to hit,Determined to create a national level of top-level machine tool trading feast。 The Shanghai Machine Tool Show CME has gradually become a national window showing the advanced level and cutting-edge information of my country's equipment manufacturing industry.,It is an authoritative platform for my country's traditional equipment manufacturing and new intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises to display their own development heights and exhibitors' industries and technologies to professional audiences around the world.,Provides an opportunity to showcase brand companies with core competitiveness and international influence,It is also an equipment manufacturing company to display its corporate image,Seek market cooperation、Expand industry influence、The best choice to open up market opportunities。 At this exhibition,Products displayed by our company,Has received strong interest and extensive attention from domestic and foreign exhibitors。 3 days (May 6-8) exhibition,The Xinshen booth attracted countless exhibitors to stop,The staff is always full of enthusiasm、Communicate with exhibitors patiently,The features and advantages of the exhibits were fully demonstrated in the wonderful speeches and demonstrations of the staff,After the professional visitors and exhibitors at the venue have a certain understanding of the product,Have shown a strong intention of cooperation。 In today's turbulent CNC remote control industry,To grasp needs is to grasp tomorrow。Core synthesis will be more mature、Professional attitude,Provide professionalism for the machine tool industry、Efficient chemical solution,Contribute to the prosperity and development of the machine tool industry!

Wow-i don't know what else to say。This is the best product I have ever seen。I am the chief technical engineer of an international group company,This product surprised me。

Marketing Monsters, Previous customer

The Wixhc team gave me the greatest feeling:Provide excellent technical support and perfect after-sales service,Listen carefully to users' opinions,And constantly improve and improve products。

Stephen Cronin, Chief Technology Officer of an internationally renowned CNC company

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Welcome to Core Synthesis Technology

Synthetic Technology is a research and development、produce、Sales as a high-tech enterprise,Focus on wireless data transmission and motion control research,Dedicated to industrial remote control、Wireless electronic handwheel、CNC remote control、Motion control card、Integrated CNC system and other fields。We thank all sectors of society for their strong support and selfless care for the core synthesis technology,Thank you employees for your hard work。

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